Startup Guide

Worm farming is simple!

But worms do require a home. Here are some simple options:

  • Compost bin
    One bin is generally large enough for a household. Use two in tandem if you have a lot of compost in your household. Place bird wire underneath to vermin proof.
  • Tiered system
    There are many worm composting products available from your local nursery or hardware store. All have detailed instructions for easy set up.
  • A homemade wooden box (with or without a floor)
    The size can depend on the size of your family and the amount of compost your household produces. An area 1m x 2m x 30cm will be large enough for any household.
  • Hay bales positioned in a square
    The worms will eventually turn the hay bales into compost as well. You can use the castings on the garden for great fertiliser and start again.
  • An old bath tub
    An easy option if you have one lying around.

Sacks, straw, garden weeds, newspaper, cardboard or old carpet can be used to cover the compost in open systems.

In the beginning it is best not to overload the worm compost with food.
Feed your worms and place the new food to the side until the old food is eaten, when the food has been eaten feed them some more.
Soon there will be a balance between the number of worms and the amount of compost you have.
A handful of lime occasionally is good to keep your worm farm sweet and keep the PH levels balanced.

Using the castings

Take the top layer of food off your worm bed with a garden fork, place this back into the compost when the castings have been removed.

Spread the castings around the garden, top dress your lawn, feed to your pot plants or make a worm tea.

To make worm tea place 1 part castings to 5 parts water in a bucket and leave for 3 days stirring occasionally.

Pour off and dilute 1 part of the mixture to 10 parts water or until it resembles the colour of weak tea.

Place into a watering can and use it to fertilise your plants or lawn.

Video Guide

This video is a great guide for getting started.

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